We are now placing dental implants

We will be doing this differently (financially) than it was done in the past. There will be just one fee. Previously the patient would see a specialist to have the implant placed in the bone and then come to our office to have the tooth placed; Two offices equals two fees. We will being doing the whole package for much less than the cost of the implant placement alone at a specialist. However, payment must be collected in full before the treatment can be completed; due to the extremely high overhead cost. If you have coverage for implants with your insurance we will happily file it, and have them reimburse you for part of your out-of-pocket expense. I know this is different for our office, but like I said OVERHEAD. We are doing this as a service to our patients. Not everyone will be a candidate for this procedure, and if you are a candidate but have an extreme situation (not enough bone or need to be completely sedated) a specialist may still be needed.